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Life After the Justice System


Whether you’re in community corrections or on parole, we provide quality psychiatric, substance abuse, and therapeutic services in a healing environment to help you reach your goals and reduce shame from incarceration. Our goal with psychiatric medications is to manage the severity of symptoms enough so that you feel safe to process and heal from your past. Medications are often used to help alleviate symptoms that are too severe to manage on your own and begin to affect your functioning. We also don’t believe in over-medicating symptoms or “numbing out” with meds. In fact, this can contribute to worsening mental health symptoms and further addictions.

Here at Balanced Mental Wellness, we understand the complexities of being in the legal system and are here to create lasting relationships to assist you in the journey forward. We incorporate trauma-based interventions to help you get to the root issues of your mental health condition and provide a space for you to be seen and heard…..because YOU MATTER! Along the way, we’ll provide resources for developing coping skills and assist in your transition to a meaningful life after incarceration.

Our practice is here to support you in becoming your best self!

We offer:

  • Medication management and Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Medication Assisted Treatment including suboxone, vivitrol, naltrexone
  • Individual therapy and group through Correctional Psychiatry Associates

Coming Soon:

  • Individual therapy services
  • Workshops