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Balanced Mental Wellness

Come Home to Yourself™

Integrative Psychiatric Mental Health Care and Ketamine Therapy located in Englewood, CO

To schedule an appointment, a telehealth appointment, or to request a virtual visit, please contact us at:

303-481-3489 or 720-535-4664 fax

About Us

We believe that all individuals are created whole. By recognizing that wholeness and reconnecting with your authentic self, you’ll find alignment with your soul’s purpose. Many mental health conditions are the result of this disconnect between the mind, body, and soul. The discovery of your true self and integration in your life is sacred.

We hold space for you to have a transformational experience and empower you to find healing and optimization of your health. True balance doesn’t always exist, but Balanced Mental Wellness is aimed at finding your own inner healer, which is more powerful than any external intervention can provide.

We specialize in integrative psychiatry and ketamine therapy by addressing the root of mental health conditions rather than treating surface symptoms with traditional medical model only. We combine holistic health interventions with cutting edge evidence-based practice that integrate both the mind body, and spirit in healing. Psychiatry practices are transforming to meet the needs of our modern society now more than ever. If you are a seeker and interested in coming home to yourself, please join us in embracing this new healing and wellness initiative.

This work is near and dear to our hearts, and we hope to meet you soon.